Elections Are Over, Take a look at your new senators!

New Upperclassmen senators

Alexa Hueston


Hello, my name is Alexa Hueston and I am a sophomore political science major. I have been a part of the SGA for a year now. As a freshman, I was a senator. I am now the committee director of Student Affairs and as a more heavily involved member I hope to gain a seat in the senate. By becoming a senator I would love to have a vote as well as bring a more unique perspective to the senate than I was able to bring last year. I have always been interested in SGA because I want to be involved with a group of people that can make a difference. What I enjoy so much about SGA is that they work hard to better this campus and the community. I want to contribute to this organization by reaching out to more people and fixing problems that arise on campus. I am very passionate about SGA because I enjoy knowing that I am a part of an organization that can have a voice and make a difference for people who need it. 


Bailey Rollage

My goal and aspiration is like any other senator to represent the best interests of every and all students of Penn State Behrend. the average student should not need to worry about big executives miles away hearing their concerns. it’s our goal as the student government to hear and solve any and all concerns to the best of our abilities. I believe i can do that very well and I all always try my hardest to make voices heard in SGA.


Krista Kelyman

My name is Krista Kelyman, I am a sophomore biology major at Penn State Behrend and I am currently involved in ROTC and the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. Within those organizations I hold leaderships positions such as squad leader, Color Guard co-captain, and J-board representative. I am running for office because I have a strong desire to benefit the Penn State community, and I believe that I can do that by providing a unique set of skills that I have gained through ROTC training. I plan to prove myself to students by modeling high values, and motivating others to learn and grow throughout my time on SGA. As a Senator, I know it is important to keep the students best interests in mind, and I plan to do exactly that by sharing an expansive viewpoint on multidimensional leadership dynamics. This position does not only require individual input; everyone on SGA must act as an equal contributor to the overall success and development of our community. I truly believe I will make a great addition to this team of students.


New Freshman Senators

Laura Gil

I interviewed senators, writers, and dangerous people when I was in my junior and senior year in High School. I was a 16-year-old girl who was talking with people who controlled the world, but I had one thing clear, and it was that I will always take advantage of the opportunities. During these interviews I never judge my interviewee or considered him inferior or superior to me, he or she was a human being, and he was equal to me. I gained a lot of practice typing stories and talking to these people, and I had a huge responsibility on my shoulders not only because the students were going to read the article, but also because I was telling someone else ́s story and that taught me how to be patient, responsible and tolerant.

I also, trusted in the journal committee because they gave strength the whole journey, we worked as a team to make something big. I knew that in doubt I had my teachers and my peers that checked my essays get people to interview and support me in every situation. There were also discussions and misunderstanding sometimes, but those situations made the committee stronger and even more united because we knew that we could always arrange and fix problems in the best ways.

I am interested in the Student Government Senate position because when I write my articles, I change people’s life just with my words and I think that by being a senator I can do more. Also, I think I have the necessary skills, and I am always open to learning more.


Angel Mora

Hello, everyone, my name is Angel Mora, I’m originally from Colombia, not Columbia, I am a freshman second semester here at Penn State Behrend. I moved to this country two years ago, after my mom passed away an experience that changed my life, not only was my mom no longer with me if not before she passed away she left me with a valuable lesson, “Our time here on earth is limited so we must use our time to help the people who surround us.” I strongly agree with this idea, and I have been trying to follow it.

After I moved to the US in 2016, I struggled like any other international student to pick up the language (English) and it took me a couple of months to become proficient. Once I became proficient, I joined many clubs and activities in my High School. I was part of my school's debate team where I had the opportunity to compete in the final of the State tournament; I currently rank 12th in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in my event (House of Representatives).  I was part of Model United Nations (MUN) where I received an award for being an Outstanding Delegate at the Gannon University MUN conference and at the Penn State Behrend MUN conference.

I look forward to meeting more students and to talk to them about topics they consider to be important so I can take their concerns to SGA and/or the administration.

I am really excited about being part of the graduating class of 2022 and I would like to create an environment on campus where EVERYONE can feel that PSB is their home as I do, while remembering that we ALL are Penn State!