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Parking Permit Prices by Term

Please check your new campus parking map for changes in parking areas.

Prices for a Single Semester 2017-18

  • Resident: $155

  • Commuter: $155

  • Commuter, Part-Time: $78

  • Evening Only, Full-Time: $60

  • Evening Only, Part-Time: $30

Prices for Fall and Spring Semesters* (purchased together)

  • Resident: $280.00 (save $30)

  • Commuter: $280.00 (save $30)

  • Evening Only, Full-Time: $120

Please note there is no part-time permit available for two semesters purchased together.

All Semester Permits are billed to your student account.


If you are a student and working on-campus during the summer, you must obtain a parking permit to park on campus.

  • Students: $0 (No charge for Behrend Students working or taking classes)

Temporary Permits

Temporary parking permits cost $4.00 per day and are sold in consecutive days only.

Ticket Appeals

Campus parking tickets may be appealed by obtaining the appropriate form from Police Services.  However, please remember that your appeal must be made within seven days from the date of the violation.

Parking tickets must be paid at the same time the appeal is being filed.  If your appeal is approved, your fine will be refunded.


Parking Frequently Asked Questions:

How are permit funds used at Penn State Behrend?

The money generated from selling student, faculty, and staff parking permits is used to:

  • Construct new parking lots

  • Maintain existing parking lots (repaving, repainting of lines, and upgrading lighting)

  • Administer the parking program (purchasing hanging permits, software for tracking permit sales and parking tickets, and handheld computers used to issue parking tickets)

Money generated at the college is only used to support the program at Penn State Behrend; it is not used to support parking at any other Penn State campus. Parking permit sales DO NOT support personnel costs within Police Services or any other department.

Why do parking fees increase?

Due to the growth of the college, new parking lots have been built to meet the community's needs. The cost of building new parking lots is funded through loans. The loan, or debt service, must be paid off using parking permit fees. This has resulted in a debt service on 75 percent of all parking spaces. Creation of additional parking facilities, which may include decks, will increase the debt service. In addition, the cost of maintaining lots will grow as existing parking lots reach an age when they must be resurfaced. So the revenue generated from parking permit fees is needed to support debt service and maintain existing facilities.

How do Penn State Behrend's parking fees compare to other campuses?

Within Penn State, some campuses have not experienced the need to significantly expand their parking facilities since they have not grown to the extent of Penn State Behrend. Therefore, those campuses have not had to charge a parking permit fee to generate monies to pay debt service resulting from the construction of parking lots.

Penn State Behrend parking fees are higher than some institutions outside of Penn State. However, not all institutions pay for parking in the same way. Unlike Penn State Behrend, some may use parking fees and a substantial amount from other revenue sources, including tuition, to pay for parking.

How is the money generated from parking tickets used?

Money generated from parking tickets goes to the Student Government Association and is then allocated to student clubs and organizations.

Will more parking lots be built?

There are currently 2,567 parking spaces on campus and additional lots will be built as campus growth requires. The demand for parking during the beginning of a semester always places a strain on close-in parking, resulting in the need to park in the Jordan Road and Junker Center lots. Consequently, if you arrive between 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., you should be prepared for the possibility that you may have a ten to fifteen minute walk.

What if I can't find a parking spot?

If you are having difficulty finding a parking space, please call Police Services for assistance. Do not assume that if a parking is not readily available that you can park along roadways or on the grass.

What if I forget my parking permit?

You must stop by the Police Services office or kiosk to obtain a temporary permit for the day or the length of time you will not have your regular issued parking permit. Please refer to the Permit Prices page for current prices of parking permits.

Bus Service and Campus Loop

Through a partnership between Penn State Behrend and the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority—otherwise known as the "e"—all students, faculty, and staff may ride the bus for free. We also offer a shuttle that loops around campus (Route 18) running from 7:40 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Just show your Penn State ID to the driver and you're on your way! All community routes and the campus loop are included. For additional information about this program, please visit the e's "University Services" web-page.

How to Ride for Free

In order to ride for FREE, ALL Penn State Behrend students/faculty/staff must have a current annual "e" ID sticker to prove current student/faculty/staff status. Stickers are available at the RUB Desk.

Penn State Behrend Routes

Penn State Behrend has the following routes running to campus: 15, 17, 18, 25, and 26. These routes operate year-round expect for Routes 17 and 18, which only operate when school is in session. See route information. See transit tracking information

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Weekday Service

  • Route 18 - Behrend Campus Loop

  • Route 25 - Wesleyville/Penn State Behrend

  • Route 26/Route 4 - East 26th/Walmart/Penn State Behrend/Millcreek Mall via Liberty Street

Saturday Service

  • Route 25 - Wesleyville/Penn State Behrend

  • Route 26/Route 4 - East 26th/Walmart/Penn State Behrend/Millcreek Mall via Liberty Street

  • Route 15 - East 38th/TOPS Friendly Market/Penn State Behrend/Millcreek Mall

Sunday Service

  • Route 25 - Wesleyville/Penn State Behrend

  • Route 26 - East 26th/Walmart/Penn State Behrend/West 12th/Airport/West 8th/West Plaza

  • Route 17 - Special Sunday Service to upper Peach Street

the "e" (EMTA bus routes)

Other options

Erie Yellow Cab Company: 814-455-4441