SGA Meeting Highlights

The Student Government Association Senate approved the Behrend Honors Student association and Behrend Drumlions Club, at last week’s meeting. Behrend Honors Student Association’s aim is to serve as a resource to facilitate cohesion and communication throughout the Behrend’s Honors College community. They hope to serve as a communication link between University faculty, Behrend Honors Students, and other student associations.

 Behrend Drumlions club’s mission is to provide an opportunity to practice and perform in a drumline for all students who have interest in playing percussion instruments.

Reminder to all student’s that the budget request deadline for the last budget request of the year is April 12th at 5pm. Congratulations the new treasurer of the SGA for the 2018-2019 academic year Spencer Randall!

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated the successes of Behrend with the Student Government Association last week at the Correspondence Dinner, we hope that you all had an amazing time!

Behrend SGA