SGA Meeting Highlights

Rob Wittman, Facilities Coordinator, sat down with the Student Government Association last week to help tackle the issue of low involvement that is surrounding intramural activities. The Senate offered up some ideas about utilizing different avenues to keep student’s informed about upcoming events.

The Senate approved two new clubs, The Medical Journal Society and REEL: Behrend’s Film club. The Medical Journal Society aim is to promote the growth of student scientists and medical career-focused individuals through interdisciplinary, medically focused journal society through the examination of primary literature. Through the process of creating documentaries, short films, PSAs, and commercials, REEL: Behrend’s Film club, aims to help the community at large and give students real world experiential learning experiences to build a professional portfolio.  

As the Student Government Association we stress transparency, if you or anyone has a concern regarding budget allocation or anything we do, please reach out to anyone in the SGA. We are here for the student’s and we hope to see you all this Thursday at the Correspondence dinner, dress to the 10s because it’s going to be a night to remember filled with performances from Behrend’s very own.

Behrend SGA