Randy Geering, Director of Operations, discussed the current projects on campus including Trippe Hall, the installation of new LED light posts on campus, and the parking deck which plans to be done in January. He also briefly discussed Behrend’s 10 Year Plan, which included renovations to Erie Hall, Reed Union Building, and the Junker Center. During the meeting the Senate passed legislation in support of a long-term residential parking option in Knowledge Park. The Drone Development Club was also approved by the Senate. Clubs that were denied funding for the October budget call presented their appeals to the Senate. The approved budget requests included the Lion Ambassadors who were funded $723.35 for polos with embroidery, the Behrend Gaming Club who was funded $194.63 for prizes for an upcoming event, and SUE who was funded $750 for traveling expenses for the spring business trip(no affiliation with the Black School of Business). Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week will no longer be hosting Cardboard City due to ongoing problems; however if you are looking for other ways to still get involved there will be emails sent out soon with volunteer opportunities coming up.

Behrend SGA