Mike Lindner, Behrend’s Director of Housing and Food Services, spoke at the previous week’s meeting. Included in his Q&A with the Senate was the topics of Trippe Hall, and the Clipper food truck. Due to low interest and upcoming weather conditions, The Behrend Clipper will no longer be parked outside of The Hammermill building in the upcoming spring semester. However, it may park itself outside of the Lilley library for the week of finals. There are still ongoing tours of Trippe hall, keep an eye out for postings and emails for the date of the next tour. The Senate passed legislation C.R.17-18.3 in support of free resume paper printing for students of Penn State Behrend. The Student Government Association will be allocating $1,500 of their own funds to provide up to 10,000 sheets, 10 per student, to be printed at the Copy and Multimedia Center. As the SGA is updated whether administration will work with this request, as will the student body.The senate also approved the Skill Toys Club. Skills toy club will encourage the teaching and learning of various Skill Toys such as, but not limited to,Yo-Yo’s, Kendama, card tricks, and Rubik’s Cubes.

Behrend SGA