Will Taylor, Behrend’s Food Security Liaison, discussed a new program whose pilot will commence before spring break. The program targets the issue of food security that a lot of college students struggle with. Food along with toiletries will be collected and distributed to students from different locations on campus. There will be an online forum students can fill out to get signed up for the program, if you have any questions or concerns you can reach Will at   

SGA is still looking for two senators as well as two proxies. If you’d like to be a voice for your fellow student’s and get more involved, there is a new updated forum on Behrend-sync as well as our website www.BehrendSGAorg.  

If you are a president of a club or organization at Brehend, the second President’s Roundtable table there will be on February 20th at 7:30. Contact Tyler Dulaney at with any questions or concerns. 

Behrend SGA