SGA Meeting Highlights

This week the Student Government Association (SGA) held their in-house elections; Alexa Hueston and Bartosz Frankowskiwere chosen to be the two new Senators. From October 30th to November 10, There will be a ribbon and button sale held outside of Bruno’s. Proceeds are going to the San Jorge’s Children’s Hospital who is delivering food and water and providing medical services to those effected by the disaster. On December 4th and 5th, SGA will be hosting their annual Appreciation Breakfast Tables for all faculty and staff to recognize their hard work throughout the semester. OrgSync will be transitioning to a new platform, Engaged.Workshops are planned to help students with the transition of the new site and emails will be sent out with more information.The SGA would also like to acknowledge that Behrend is a safe place for all students and if there is ever an issue that presents itself, the Student Government will dive into the matter hands-on with utmost decorum. 

Behrend SGA