The Senate

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Karen Hor Sin Li

I want to encourage Behrend students to take part in all the events and opportunities on campus and show them that there is so much more to school than getting good grades.

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Danielle Wieczorek

PR Committee Director + Senator

This year I want to enhance visibility, sculpt student perception, and become a catalyst for change within the organization.

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Samantha Oliver

Director of Academic Affairs + Senator

I want to continue working to improve the relationship between faculty and students on campus in regards to academics and advising.

Devin Booher

Senator Our entire campus was built on friendship, family and unity; as a Senator of The Student Government Association, I hope for the necessary changes to allow this legacy to live on among all majors.



Helen Si

I wish to improve the dining on campus ( mainly Dobbins) and focus on the issues relating the commuters.


Austin Johnson

I would like to promote a more direct channel between students and administration and let students know of the opportunities and resources on campus.


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Alexandra Oliver

LEB representative

I would like to see the SGA work with more clubs to host events and support them to promote being involved on campus.

Gabriella Loeffler + Kristen Kargol

SAAC representatives

Our goal is to get Behrend athletics more involved in the study body, as well as getting the student body more involved with athletics.

Kristen Kargol

Kristen Kargol

Gabriella Loeffler

Gabriella Loeffler

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Constantijn van der Wegen

University Faculty Representative

I head out to the Faculty Senate meetings at university park and report during the sga meetings what problems the faculty are facing. I am also the one who reports problems that the students are having to the faculty.


Madison Jerrell


I would like to increase the number of domestic students coming to an MCC event. I would also like to help students become more open with trying new things and meeting new people. 

Committee directors

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Oyinkansola (elizabeth) Malomo

Diversity Committee Chair

This year I intend to increase handicap accessibility across campus.

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Alexa Hueston

Student Activities Director

This year in SGA I want to bridge the gap between the Student Government and the rest of the Student Body, while helping to improve the lives of the students and solve the problems they face on campus.

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Safinaz Elhadary

organizational affairs

My goal is to make sure all students' voices and issues are well heard. I also plan on helping clubs and organizations maintain their active status.

Logan Saborsky

Community Affairs

Staff Positions

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Morgan Yelverton

Programming Director

What I Want to Accomplish: I would like to be able to successfully create programs and events that are a true representative of the Behrend SGA and its commitment to our students.


 Stephanie Logue 

Recording Secretary

What I want to accomplish: I want to do well in my position and hopefully will get to know everyone.


Peter Barth


I hope to update and improve the usability of all SGA websites as well as the BehrendSync SGA portal.