•       Allocations to any partisan political activity, or for the support of the political campaign of any candidate for public office.

•       Allocations to a legislative lobby or a registered student organization whose primary purpose is to influence legislations.

•       Allocations to organizations or activities that discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, physical handicap, sex, age, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation or veteran status.

•       Allocations intended for the hiring of legal services.

•       Allocations for personal, non-contractual gain of any student, faculty member, staff member or citizen.

•       Allocations whose intended use is for grants-in-aid, scholarships, loans, or other such personal compensation to organizational officers or elected voting members.

•       Allocations whose intended use if for the purchase or reimbursement for the purchase of alcohol or alcoholic beverages.

•       Allocations whose intended use is for donations and charitable contributions


•       Allocations whose intended use is for retroactive funding of events

•       Clubs who continuously submit requests for the same event

•       Allocations whose intended use is for off campus food or dinners

•       Allocations whose intended use is for events that are not open to all students

•       Allocations whose intended use is for worship services

•       Allocations whose intended use is for advertisements in the Beacon. Events can be placed on the Office of Student Activities Weekly Newsletter at no charge.

•       Allocations whose intended use is for cash prizes, including bonds and liquid assets.

•       Allocations whose intended use is for food at a weekly meeting.

•       Allocations whose intended use is for any literature available through the library.

•       Allocations whose intended use is for recruitment

*Please note these are not all inclusive lists; however, these lists are a general overview of the guidelines the Budget Committee will follow when allocating. Each request is determined on a case-by-case basis.


Standards are those amounts that are predetermined by the SGA Budget Committee. The SGA Budget Committee applies these standards to all budget allocation requests.

•       All registered and active clubs and organizations are automatically available for the standards of recruitment and office supplies, in the amount of $60 per semester (this amount does not carryover and restarts again at $60 each semester), and do not need to submit a Budget Allocation Request for those. We do offer a $5 publicity cap for clubs to use for non-recruitment posters.

•       If food is requested for an event but is not pertinent to an event, there is a $100 food cap. For example, you can have a speaker without food at the event, but you can’t have an event dinner without food. The speaker would have the food cap, but the dinner would not.

•       If the request is for travel expenses, the committee can only fund half of the travel expenses up to $750. However, requests for food or travel have no guarantee of receiving these caps, they are in place should the committee decide to fund it.


In funding the organization, the Budget Committee will give priority to events that are…

1.      On-campus

2.      Smaller in scope

3.      And central to the club’s mission statement

Centrality will be a high priority to the Budget Committee. Centrality refers to how central the program is to your organization’s mission statement. It is important to stress to the committee how the event applies to your organization.

Quotes are MANDATORY for all budget requests. Anything you produce yourself will not be considered a valid quote (i.e. Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel documents). The quotes must come from the original source in order to be considered valid. Please note that it is acceptable to take screenshots of the online quotes and then place those images from the business into a word document in order to submit the quotes in one mass document. Quotes must be current and up to date. Quotes from previous semesters will not be considered. Should the quote be absent, unclear, or ambiguous, the Budget Committee will not consider funding the request. If a club is requesting more than 30 items (the limit within the BehrendSync request form), the club must provide a table at the end of the quote document stating the item requested, unit cost, quantity, and total cost for the item.

The Budget Committee reserves the right to review the overall financial status of the organization, specifically its funds from other sources than SGA. This information may be used in determining allocations for the organization.

Funds will not be allocated for use and/or promotion by organizations that fall under the jurisdiction of Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils, or any organization in which the opportunity for full membership is not available to all students. The SGA Budget Committee will consider funding these organizations only for programming which is open and free to the entire Behrend student population.

Organizations will not be permitted to use funds for activities that have not been approved. If an organization wishes to spend some of its allocated money on an event that was not previously approved, this request must be presented to the Senate of SGA for approval prior to the event. Forms for a Budget Reallocation can be found on BehrendSync.