The Executive branch

The Executive Branch of the SGA is lead by the President and Vice President. They are charged with enacting legislation passed by the General Assembly, as well as maintaining and improving the SGA's standing departments. 


President - John P jarecki 

The President serves as the Chairperson of the Senate and shall vote only to break a tie. The President will also call and preside over all meetings of the SGA or appoint a Chair Pro-tempore to preside, appoint directors of standing and ad hoc committees in junction with the Vice President, and aid in writing the SGA Budget.

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Vice President- Andrew Sanford 

The Vice President will assist the President in planning, coordinating, and nurturing the organization's activities. The Vice President will also Serve as Chairperson of the Traffic Appeals Board, as Director of the Budget Committee and be responsible for communicating and networking with each of the directors and their committees.

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Treasurer- Spencer Randal

The Treasurer is an appointed position. The SGA Financial Supervisor, Manager of the RUB Information Desk, Associate Director of Student Activities, the current SGA President, Vice President, and Treasurer shall sit on the committee to appoint the position.

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Chief of Staff- Safinaz elhadary

The Chief of Staff will assist the President in the general operations of the Student Government Association. The Chief of Staff will also be responsible for the training of interim and mid-term elected Senators and Representatives and serve as Director of the Organizational Affairs Committee. The Chief of Staff will serve as the communications liaison between the President and any Staff and/or volunteer members of the Student Government Association.

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